Bequests & Gifts

All around the world, bequests from the estates of arts supporters have enriched the collections and activities of art galleries like The Dowse.


By leaving a financial gift to The Dowse Foundation in your will your generosity will create opportunities and strengthen The Dowse’s ambitions well into the future.

You may wish to target your gift towards supporting a specific area of activity (such as collection care, publishing, or education programmes) or make a gift to The Dowse Foundation’s general fund for ambitious projects.

You can see the kinds of projects dedicated and general funds have supported on the Outcomes of our Work page of this website.

Gifts of artworks

Another option is to identify works of art from your collection that you wish to gift to The Dowse’s permanent collection, which will ensure they become a permanent part of New Zealand’s art history, and are available for people’s enjoyment far into the future.

Our director and curators are always happy to visit and discuss with you how works from your collection may complement The Dowse’s existing collection.

Talk to us about options

We can help you prepare the paperwork for your will if you wish to make a bequest or gift.

To discuss how we might work together, we warmly invite you to contact The Dowse Foundation’s Chair, Rick Wells, for an initial conversation.

Rick Wells
Chair, The Dowse Foundation